Welcome to Konstant Singularity’s “Randomnicity”

Eleven tracks and over sixty minutes of music is what you get with the second album from Saint Petersburg experimental outfit Konstant Singularity, managed by guitarist and producer Konstantin Ilin. Randomnicity is a follow-up to 2014’s Music Diversity Party, and sees the musician, currently based in Ireland, exploring more experimental realms of the Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock/Metal, and Ambient subgenres.

All songs on “Randomnicity” are composed and played by Ilin, who is joined by drummer Alex Vostrikov. Ilin proves to be a skilled musician who understands being in a band setting that largely relies on improvisation. The guitar and electronic textures are astonishing; the drums are usually heavy and grasped with the prowess of a master craftsman, great tone and very vibrant, sometimes leading the songs through complex instrumental workouts. The same can be said of the bass. Ilin often delivers a fuzzy tone, giving the tunes a heavy bottom end when there is a need for that. Usually the main issue with this kind of albums is with melody, because it often gets lost in the predominant experimentation, but Konstant Singularity answers that challenge flawlessly. Konstantin Ilin is to be commended for making challenging music completely outside the box.


Echo of Your Voice” opens the album under a nodding groove; the duo gives the soundscape an almost atmospheric feel. The song comes along with energetic motives and gentler, almost ambient atmospheres. “Double Zero” is when all hell breaks loose as greasy bass take the piece in completely free form regions. The band often takes different directions with psychedelic guitar and space rock atmospherics. Konstant Singularity take the extraordinary to another level. On “From Deep Inside,” Konstant Singularity engages into another improvisational affair with equal amounts of heavy eccentrics and psych rock multi-coulourness.

If you are a fan of experimental music, Konstant Singularity’s “Randomnicity” is definitely an album that you’ll find enjoyable.