WELCOME INSIDE THE BRAIN Talk Debut Album “Celebrate the Depression”

Since the beginning of 2018, I have been exposed to a lot of great music coming from the Moshpit Promotions, and the one band that grabbed my attention especially is a German psychedelic / progressive rock band Welcome Inside the Brain, and their video for the song “Snails on Speed / Buddha in a Bottle,” the second song on the band’s amazing debut album entitled Celebrate the Depression.

The five piece from Leipzig is all over the place in their music. Yes, I already labeled them with the genre tags, but hey — it’s something to not be taken lightly, what’s very well demonstrated throughout the six songs Celebrate the Depression is made of.

The guys brought their electrifying sound to the Rocking Charts headquarters, and told us about the album’s background, the album art, songwriting process, etc. Read more after the musical break.

Describe the musical vision propelling your debut album Celebrate the Depression.

Our band consists of five dudes and everybody has another background. We all share the same passion for passing limits in very different ways. We all like oldschool sound, of course. But we did not want to work with hackneyed clichés, that everybody knows. Everybody in the band worked a lot for his very individual sound. But this work in the context of this band generated synergies, we couldn’t expect. I would say, there is not a single big musical vision but a lot of visons. All the songs are completly different, but you know in the first moment of every song: It’s Welcome Inside The Brain! The album will take you on a journey and it’s been a very interesting journey for us, to write this album.

What made it the right time to pursue that vision?

The current cast exists for two years. And when you have got this five guys in one room, it’s alway the right time. It’s like a continual experiment in a big laboratory and you never know, what will be the result. Structures emerge and pass away, but some will stay. The album is the result of the structures, that remained in this process.

Tell me about what you’re communicating with the album cover.

The name of the album is „Celebrate The Depression“ and we wanted to have the cover as a mirror of this title. „Depression“ is ambiguous: You can be a depressive person or you can live in a time of economic depression(s). An economic depression can be a reason for individual depressions and I think, the cover of this album connects both spheres: If you remember the pictures of the day, when the European Central Bank was opened in Frankfurt, there have been a lot of billows of smoke between all this huge bank towers. People from all over Europe came to Frankfurt, to bring their protest on the street and the city descended partly into chaos. The medial response was big, but the press was only interested in pictures, not in reasons. After all the system persisted, as if nothing happened. The German Finance Minister rules Europe and the centrifugal forces become stronger and stronger. The big swing carousel, coming up from the bank towers, is symbol for the endless loop of this economic system, that fucks up the people and the planet. But it’s also a symbol, for the mentioned forces, that crash Europe and the whole world.
Some of the songs arose very shortly after the experience of Frankfurt: A wild and progressive multitude challenges the logic of capitalism. Some years before, there have been new forms of protest like „Occupy Wall Street“. Some of the songs are inspired by the hope of this movements. But currently the world goes through the comeback of ideas, that were taken directly from deep anus of the 20th century. We think, that the cover, that was painted by Johannes Valenta, is the perfect cunjunction between our music and the world “outside”.

Celebrate the Depression

What was the creative process for Celebrate the Depression like?

All the members of the band got a lot of different projects. So we are not a band, that got a rehearsal every week. But when we did meet each other in our rehearsal room, we worked long and hard. We had a lot of jams, but most of the time we worked on very small details of songs. We accommodated the lyrics to the music and the music to the lyrics and the whole process was very open. Sometimes we argued and sometimes we just hang out. We also discussed about politics and philosophy. It’s been a very intensive time.

Speaking of the album’s creative process, provide some insight into it.

I think form and substance of the songs are a result of our working process. If you got one master mind, that composes a complete song, it probably will never sound like our songs, that flow between conception and chaos.

WITBHow does Celebrate the Depression compare with your self-titled debut EP, in your opinion?

The EP has been a kind of demo and so it’s been an important step for us. We reached an interested audience with this EP and found a good label (NASONI Records). Two out of three songs of the EP are also a part of the album.

Did the environment in any way influence the vibe the album transcends?

We see the album as mirror of post modern times, full of contradictions and hints. It’s an echoe of different changes we are living in: political, social and philosophical changes. But it’s also the attempt to be a part in the process of the creation of a new collective subject, that got it’s identity not in an unity but in difference.

How do you usually go about creating a new song?

There is no „usually“ – every song was created in very different processes and sometimes, when we wanted do do a new song, we even had problems, because there is no road map, how to write a song within or for this band.

Which bands or artists influence your work?

We are very open minded and interested in very different kinds of music. I think, there is no list of bands, everybody of us listens in his free time, but we all love the spirit of modern jazz, the sound of King Crimson and the radicalism of musicians like Sun Ra…

What are your future plans?

The upcoming months are dedicated to the next album. We are looking for new means of expressions – with instruments, we never used before in our band context for example. Our first album was very psychedelic. The next one will be different, of course. We want to organize our own little Psychedelic Festival in the autumn and want to play as much as possible…

Celebrate the Depression is out now. Order it from Bandcamp, and follow Welcome Inside the Brain on Facebook.