WAYWARD DAWN Leave No Space for Compromises with “Soil Organic Matter”

With their debut album, Danish death metal five-piece Wayward Dawn are only going to reach new heights for themselves and garner an ever-growing fan base due to the quality of this debut.

What stuns you upon a first listening of Soil Organic Matter is Wayward Dawn‘s great maturity in structuring a song, considering that this is just a debut release. In a year where we saw and are about to see tons of great death metal releases, these Danes have added a great value to the genre, all while keeping the flag flying high. Word of warning though as this is not for everybody and the weak. Only those who can withstand brutal, uncompromising, chaotic, and destructive and a horrific extreme metal need apply.

Soil Organic Matter

Across the record’s ten tracks, Wayward Dawn show what they’re capable with controlled chaotic force and malignant intention. It’s cavernous, monstrous, claustrophobic, and downright nasty. Mixing together groove metal with straight-up death metal, while adding elements of crushing doom here and there, this is music that’s not for the unwary. Steeped in the aesthetics of black metal’s corrupted skin, while having a certain atonal death metal power, Wayward Dawn merge these two styles together seamlessly. The grim doom elements here are comparatively less-used, but enhance the music when they appear with further levels of darkness.

Grab Soil Organic Matter from Bandcamp here. For more info about Wayward Dawn you can follow them on Facebook.