UNPROCESSED Talk Upcoming EP, Influences and More

German prog metal / djent act Unprocessed work on their new, still untitled EP which is due in May this year. The band from Wiesbaden has already premiered new music in the shape of two singles. Guitarists Christioph Schultz and Manuel Gardner Fernandes talked for Rocking Charts about the band’s beginnings, their sound, life in Germany, and more.


Where the idea of Unprocessed comes from?

The idea behind the band was to create a technical death metal band back in 2013. You can hear it in our first written song “Beyond the Apron” of our debut “In Concretion. And later on in the songwriting progress we found our style in modern progressive metal.

Mixture of progressive metal, progressive rock, post rock with influences of industrial metal under the heavy roof of djent. How do you manage to keep the sound as unique?

We are all influenced by these genres and styles of music but in the writing process we dont feel forced to combine all of these genres. But in many cases it results by itself to bring in those influences. We do it subconsciously.

Unprocessed has just released their single “Ocean of Silence”. What would you tell us about this record?

The record including our first singles “Ocean of Silence” and “Life. A Prologue of Death” will be a 5 track EP with a more modern sound. Apart from our “radio-friendly” song “Life. A Prologue of Death” the EP is gonna be a more technical and less melancholic record than our debut.


How would you describe the sound of Unprocessed?

Because of three guitars and synth work in our music the sound can be described as full and dense. We try to tell a story with our songs instead of being catchy and predictable.

When you look at today’s metal scene, are you satisfied with where Unprocessed stands?

We are satisfied with the resonance and feedback from our fans and the today´s metal scene but we hope to reach a bigger fanbase in the future and to get the opportunity to play with the bands we love.

What have you been listening lately?

Each of our members has a slightly different music taste but currently we are jamming the new The Contortionist record, Steven Wilson, Dorje, Intervals a lot of jazz like Wes Montgomery and more brutal stuff like Veil of Maya or Taylor Swift.

Are there any bands or musicians that have an impact on the music Unprocessed produces?

Yes a lot of Influences are bands and artists like Deftones, Tesseract, Monuments, Rush, Massive Attack, Guthrie Govan, The Contortionist, Opeth and Incubus.

If i ask you what is music for your mind? How would you describe what it means to you?

Everytime if music has a positive and healing effect on you.

Living in Germany. What are the benefits and drawbacks as a musician?

A great aspect here in Germany is the music industry and the demand on music in general: A lot of Festivals, a lot of bands, labels and locations to play. A bad thing is that the progressive metal and djent scene is not really big in Germany. There are just a couple of bands here who actually play the style of music we do.


You can listen and download Unprocessed’s music on Bandcamp and like them on Facebook.