Interview with TRIGUNA

Chicago-based metal band Triguna released their EP titled “Maladaptive” in February this year, after less than a year from the release of their debut album “Embryonic Forms“. In an interview for Rocking Charts singer Claude Bird talks about the EP, inspiration and more.

What made you go for the name Triguna?

We were originally called Scattered Ashes back when we were a lot more thrashy than we are now. We actually played a couple shows under that name, but when we changed up our style a little bit we decided a name change would do us some good. Justin, an ex-member thought it up one day and dropped it to us and we kind of just went with it from there. It stuck.

How do you usually describe your music?

I usually describe our music to people as progressive death metal. If they ask for any comparisons though I’m lost to say the least.

What is your writing process like?

Our writing process is heavily reliant on the program Tux Guitar, the poor man’s guitar pro. Jeremy and Noah will write independently and exchange their ideas through tux guitar. It has everything all tabbed out for them and they work from there. When there is a finished product it gets handed over to me and I take a page or two out of my lyric book, change them up a bit and match it from there.

Who or what is your inspiration, if you have any?

We never really talk about our inspirations. Jeremy always says “good music”, and on the lyrics end of it I’m just looking at some of the events that have happened and are happening in my life.

What is your favourite piece on the “Maladaptive” EP?

My favorite piece on Maladaptive is Halted Ascension. Some pretty gnarly syncopation happens in the middle of the song and I fell in love with it.

What makes “Maladaptive” different?

The fusion aspects of it set it apart from a lot. I’d like to think my vocals help set us apart from other progressive bands as well.

Maladaptive cover 3K res

What should music lovers expect from “Maladaptive”?

They should expect some awesome grooves with some regular balls to the walls head banging. We really cover a wide spectrum with this and it’s a great experimental album for us.

What kind of emotions would you like your audience to feel when they listen to your music?

They can feel whatever they would like. I was going through a darker period of time where I couldn’t really adjust to anything, so I suppose if they felt the darkness that I wanted to radiate from it that wouldn’t be too bad of a thing.

Which do you like most, life in the studio or on tour?

We only live the studio life at the moment.

Pick your three favourite albums that you would take on a desert island with you.

I would take As The Palaces Burn by Lamb of God, About That Life by Attila, and New Bermuda by Deafheaven.

You can buy “Maladaptive” from Bandcamp, and follow the band on Facebook.