TRAUMA FIELD’s Mesmerising Work on “Changing Tides”

This is the brand new, sophomore offering from Atmospheric Metal outfit TRAUMA FIELD. Changing Tides is nothing short of sensational. This is without doubt one of the very finest Prog Metal albums to be released in 2016.

The sound is massive and utterly compelling. Opener “Changing Tides” sets things up nicely with an atmospheric layered intro. “Aeons” crashes in with precision Metal riffing then settles down into a sombre melancholy meander that weaves great textures of Metal and classic Prog Rock with enviable ease. The vocals, throughout the album I may add, by Jaakko Pesu are delightful and enchanting evoking Geoff Tate at his peak. The rest of the band are not far behind with riff after riff, played skilfully by from guitarists (again) Jakko Pesu and Ville Koskinen, raining down on choice cuts like the Amorphis / Katatonia influenced and excellent “Life Passed” complete with an anthemic chorus. “Black Haze” is a monster Prog ballad whereas the growls of Jakko Pessu offer a distinctive counterpoint to all the light in the dark, brooding “High Tide.”


The playing on “Hope For Rain” is nothing short of mesmerising, drawing in all the deft poise and dexterity that at times really does bewilder and fascinate.

Changing Tides is a very rare breed of Progressive Metal album that will appeal directly to diehard Prog fans but also any Metal head wanting to branch out a grab hold of an expertly performed piece of music. The complex arrangements, the extreme technicality and nuances of the music hold the listener from start to finish. Although I strongly think that Changing Tides should be listened to in the one sitting as the glorious harmonies, the entrancing vocals and adept guitar playing are not to be taken lightly.

This record demands concentration but honestly this is a Prog album worth ranting over.

Rating: 9/10

Changing Tides is now available from Bandcamp here.