Review: Transmundane’s “Vehement Vol. 1”

Hailing from Toronto, Transmundane is a project of Ben Blue and Vehement Vol. 1 is his first EP, and also the first in the series of two EP releases.

Volume 1 displays a variety of differences that make Transmundane a little more interesting than the average black or death metal band that take part in the underground scene. But, for the most of it, Vehement Vol. 1 is crisp on its recording, progression and production value. Personally, there’s no specific favourite track off this record, but “Steam Roller,” “Ineluctable Iniquitous” and closing “End Game’ all have their own features and they’re all balanced in each other’s quality.

Vehement vol 1

Ben Blue hones a lot of power in his growls while slamming down his deep string picking along the rest, slingshotting a whole series of intense executions on guitar.

Now, I may not have much to say on this EP, but it really speaks for itself when it starts its cycle. There’s so much to Transmundane’s persona as a band that could make them excel. As far as the scene is concerned, this project is getting there, and Vehement Vol. 1 is only an example of what’s to be expected in the future.

Get Vehement Vol. 1 from Bandcamp here.