THIRD & DELAWARE Bring Melodic Hardcore to Life with “Generations”

Hailing from Dallas, TX, melodic hardcore five-piece Third & Delaware have certainly been paying their dues in the hard work department. In August, the quintet released their debut EP Generations, offering five tracks of forward-thinking hardcore sound.

The EP opens with a riff-fueled build up courtesy of “Heart of Fire.” As the percussion enters with restrained yet punchy kick drums and the low end of the bass guitar the texture gets expanded and a wash of vocals overlay the track. It provides a calm before the storm like feeling and that is exactly what happens once “Roads in Antartica” kicks in. The ferocity of the band has been ramped up. There are now heavily distorted guitar riffs and a driving aggressive rhythm section with the vocals cutting through the mix with throat tearing screams. The harder edge of Third & Delaware’s sound is continued into “Solemn Secrets.” There is a taming of the raw aggression found within the well crafted and placed melodic lines. The juxtaposition of the melody against the heavy rhythm is accentuated by the use of clean, reverbed guitar lines. 

Third & Delaware - Generations

More of the hardcore credentials of the band show through on tracks such as “Ardor” which features a heavily distorted guitar hook that combines with the vocal attack to create a weighty punch. Closing “Innocent by Association”’ once again has a catchy guitar hook washed with distortion, but the frantic aggression of the drumming drives the pace of this track. It would certainly create a mosh pit in a live scenario. Like the majority of the tracks that make up this release there is a dynamic and texture shift to maintain sonic interest. 

Throughout Generations it’s clear to see that Third & Delaware, though a young band, are clearly talented at their instruments and as songwriters. They are able to incorporate a progressive edge that enables the EP to flow together as a whole. It is possible to pick and choose specific tracks, but they work better as a whole narrative. There’s further maturity within the song writing to be found. If you’re into melodic hardcore as a genre, then Generations is certainly a  release to add to your collection. However, it works on other levels too, enabling it to be accessible to fans of other genres.

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