Swedish Metalcore Fivepiece ACIDIUN Talk Debut Album “The Coalescence”

Hailing from Uppsala in Sweden, Acidiun are a five-piece metalcore act who last year released a debut album “The Coalescence.” We talked with the band about it and more.

Hey guys. How are you doing?

Hey! We’re doing great. It’s a new year and we’ve got some fun stuff planned for the future to come. Things are looking great.

You have recently launched your debut full-length album titled “The Coalescence.” How do you feel about the release?

We feel that we have released an album that we are proud of both songwise and productionwise. The album is the result of us writing songs together in the rehearsal and we feel like we’ve captured the sound of Acidiun in the recordings. Since we released the record without any label supporting us we haven’t reached out to as many people as we hoped for but the feedback has been great and we’ve got positive reactions from our fans.

How much of a challenge was it to work on the album?

Of course there was challenges for us to make the record that we wanted. Getting the story concept right with the lyrics and trying to make all the songs sound diverse and deliver something special required a lot of work and thought. We also had a pretty short time frame to finish some of the songs before we were heading in to the studio. We had to write some of the songs really fast but since we have a pretty good work ethic and a homogenous vision for how we want our music to sound like we didn’t face too many challenges while writing the music. Although in the studio, in order to get the sound we wanted we were pushed really hard by our producer to make the recordings the best possible!

Acidiun - The Coalescence

What other artists similar to your genre that are coming from Sweden are you friends with?

Redire, Sanctrum, Diatryma and Nextopia, we recommend you check them all out right now!

What is your opinion about the current metal scene?

This is such a hard question, the metal scene as a whole is flourishing but it might move a tad bit slow on the local level. Metal as of right now is as big as it has ever been and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. But as mentioned before it is quite slow working when it comes to smaller bands and you have to work hard to get where you want to be, of course this is expected but it is also a pity. Too few people seem to want to get to know new and upcoming bands and would rather stick to the same routine as always. Our opinion? Give new music a try and support your locals!

Can you tell me something about your influences?

Our influences are very varied and they come from our different musical backgrounds. It would be impossible to pinpoint certain bands that influenced us as musicians, it is more a collective of thoughts that got mashed together and then became the sound that is Acidiun.

All of us enjoy metal music of different kinds of course but we really don’t have any special band that have influenced us.

What are you listening to these days?

Behemoth’s latest album release is really good. Our hollow, Our home from London released a good album late last year. Also Amon Amarths ‘Jomsviking’ was also a great release. Turnstile also released an amazing album if you’re into something a bit more punk/hardcore.

Your 5 favourite records of all time?

We couldn’t pick 5 as a collective so everyone got to pick one and here are our choices:

Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind

Helloween – Keeper of the seven keys

Metallica – …And Justice For All

Can you tell me a little bit more about the gear you used to record “The Coalescence”?

As we got a sound engineer at Safesound Studio we were lucky enough to not have to focus on the recording equipment that much. Although, we used our own instruments for the recordings. Axel used an Ibanez Iron Label S-series Six70fdbg, Erik used an Ibanez Iceman IC520, Lukas used Zildjian A Custom Cymbals and Pearl Eliminator 2002 double pedals. Carl used his Sandberg California II VM 5 that actually fell and broke in the studio just before we started recording the bass. It turned out great anyway luckily!!

Besides the release of the album, are there any other plans for the future?

We are going to focus our time to write and release more music and continue to evolve as a band. We still want the name Acidiun to move forward and we want more people to see us live so we’ll also try to go touring and play more gigs! We have a brand new music video for ‘Insight’ coming out pretty soon and we’re also going to start recording a new music video next week.

Any words for the potential new fans?

We welcome you into our little dysfunctional family, take a look at our music and get your groove on with some Acidiun songs or throwdown to our heavy riffs and breakdowns.

We believe that people that are looking for some intense everchanging music with mean riffs will enjoy our music.

Be ready for new stuff in the near future, music, videos, interviews, photoshoots and more.

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