SHIKAKA Goes Swimming in “Ocean of Blood”

Shikaka is a Swedish horror death metal band. The band has released their debut EP record Ocean of Blood in June.

Ocean of Blood features some impressive death metal riffs and brutal vocals, which manages to catch the listener’s attention from the beginning! Although the record is not the typical ‘raw’ death metal one, the vocals and the drums (from time to time) give us that raw atmosphere. The guitars, on the other hand, are quite brutal and show us the diverse and melodic side of the album! In this sense, the record is brutal but also melodic and catchy; I am sure that the listeners will want to hear the record again and again to hear a certain guitar riff, brutal vocals or the crushing drums.

Ocean of Blood

A highlight in the atmospheric elements; this aspect made the record much more fascinating and even a bit diverse in my opinion. I even thought to myself that the band could have gone a bit further with the atmospheric approach by using more synths or orchestral elements.

Ocean of Blood marks the great start for the band. I am looking forward to what Shikaka will come up with in the future. If you have a chance to see them live, don’t miss it!