Review: Wroht – Worship Rot

Bay Area’s Wroht plays intense and relentless Death Metal with a massive sound barrier of double bass pedals, heavy guitars, and a vocal that goes from abysmal growls to rancid and rotten screams. The musical specter spans broadly with inspiration from both old school and modern Death Metal, and the menu consists of fast tremolo-picking and blastbeats, slow and hard-hitting passages, and epic choruses. Back in October the band released their debut full-length “Worship Rot.”

After the short intro “Dark Within,” “Butchery” starts the album off with a bending guitar introduction. The song builds up, allowing us to await the explosion of rage and pace to hit the tempo harder, it fades out at the end to roll over to the next song.

Wroht - Worship Rot

“Slaughter of the Mind” starts with a decent deathgrowl from Ivan P. The overall tempo picked up from where the previous song left off. There are a few different styles breaking though, there is a sludge paced riff, with a Death Metal vocal, mashed with sped up Blackened Thrash tempo beats. The song is brutal and hard-hitting throughout. The tempo is constant, which allows the band members to show us what they are good at, for a debut album it shows a lot of band experience.

“Lacerated” opens up with Mitchell P. laying down some heavy drum beats, matched by Joey B.’s thick guitar melody. It works very well, the balance seems more controlled, with a few dirty bends from the guitars thrown in. Tempo wise, even when it slows down a bit, it never fades enough to dim expectations.

For more, have a listen over at Bandcamp.