Review: SynaptiK – Justify & Reason

Formed five years ago, UK’s SynaptiK has had a promising and successful career. They’ve recorded two albums since 2014. SynaptiK returns with their second studio album, Justify & Reason on March 10.

With this new album, I find SynaptiK taking a more aggressive approach to their melodic Prog-Power Metal. The riffs seem more assertive, the pace more brisk. While the previous The Mechanisms of Consequence had some infusions of melodic hard rock, even some AOR nuances, the songs within Justify & Reason definitely turn more upon heavier Progressive Power Metal. Yet, even so neither melody and harmony (whether by guitar or vocals), nor rhythm and groove, are sacrificed at the altar metal heaviness. Something of a musical signature to SynaptiK is the tandem playfulness between guitars and rhythm section, with generous solos to be found between each, in most every song. Singer John Knight sings clean and strong, but he also rises above the powerful arrangements.

A little more about the songs then. Suffice it to say, they’re all strong numbers emphasizing the aforementioned elements. Some heavier power metal comes with Conscience, having some of the most aggressive riffage and rhythm section of all the songs. Another song, White Circles, is also a Prog/Heavy Metal song, but one that fools you with its lighter start before ramping up both riffage and pace. Both songs have epic roaring guitar solos. Alternatively, I am The Ghost has a significant symphonic start before Your Cold Dead Trace gallop rips in.

Altogether, SynaptiK’s Justify & Reason is bigger, bolder, and more assertive with the push into heavier, yet still Progressive, melodic Power metal. I think you’ll like it. Easily recommended. Get the album here.

  • Warped Jester