Review STRANDHUGG’s “Kyn”

Scandinavian countries are known for their prolific heavy music scene. Perhaps, the harsh winter nights and the cold landscapes affect these musicians in a very suggestive way, inspiring them to make the coldest, darkest, hardest music possible. This is definitely the case of Norwegian Metalheads Strandhugg, who set out to release a brand new EP titled Kyn.

kynThe EP features 6 tracks that dive into Djent Metal territories, while showcasing hints of metalcore. The blistering tempo, down-tuned riffs and heavy grooves of these songs make me think of genre pioneers such as Meshuggah, while the band also has a little more melody and variations, which remind me of artists such as Lamb of God, where great riffs mix in with clever arrangements and tasteful production value.

Of all the songs on this EP, I particularly love the closing number, “Gallows”, which perfectly embodies the darkness, weight and sophistication of the band’s music. Find out more and listen to the entire EP via Bandcamp, where the album is up for sale.