Review: SOULHENGE Gets Inspirational on “Anachronism”

Metal does a wonderful job of transcending international barriers once more with this new release. From the infamous Luxembourg prog meallers Soulhenge comes a tour de force of face-melting metal in the form of their new EP, Anachronism.

Soulhenge - Anachronism EP coverThe band is looking to expand their reach with an incredible release full of power, range and badass hooks that helps redefine the genre as a whole. With a sound similar to artists such as Periphery, the band uses their face-melting skills to entice the audience with incredible music. Rather than using a steady buildup like most artists, Soulhenge begins the EP with the full force and keeps it there throughout the entire record, showcasing spine-tingling vocals and heavy riffs throughout.

With songs such as “A New Dawn,” “The Atomic Age” and title track,” Anachronism is a whirlwind of amazing music and talent that can only be described as a thrashing good time. Metal fans from around the world are going to want to be sure to pick up their copies of Soulhenge’s brand new release.

Get Anachronism from Bandcamp.