Review: SÖTHIS – Trails of Blood

Oakland, CA death metal quintet Söthis was founded in 2015, and in October last year the group released their debut EP Trails of Blood. Dissatisfied with how it sounded, the band re-released the EP in September this year with a brand new album art, and more importantly new mix and master.

This EP carries signs of good things to come. Trails of Blood has superb instrumental and vocal performances, resulting in a well varied album that continues throughout this EP. “Obliteration” is a breakneck track that incorporates intense blast-beats with twisted, haunting lead guitar sections. “Decrepit Ways” sounds similar to the first track and the only difference is that this song has more a balanced structure and is far more dynamic than its predecessor. The rhythm sections and guitar work are slightly more varied and interesting with a certain catchiness that only this track has. “Worship Rot” is another heavy hitter, and with its minute and a half delivers tons of crushing riffs. Closing “Lacerated” brings another riff cannonade and overall excellent growls courtesy of Ivan Peric.

Trails of Blood is a must-have for diehard fans and people who worship death metal. It plunges the listener into darkness with the overall atmosphere on the tracks while the guitars and bass play in a more traditional death metal style. The EP doesn’t have any huge flaws nor golden moments; but it is a quality introductory release by this young quintet.

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Trails of Blood