Review: SINNRS – Profound

Feeling different than the others, being off beat, and ability of expressing feelings with music, melodies and lyrics created so many great things which are connected to the metal genre. Guitars have been modified, drumming styles have been changed, clean vocals left its place for growls and screams. In short, musicians forced the limits. Most of them decided to stay away from standards or expanded them just to leave what is called uniformity. Lots of new categories have been added to metal: power metal, death metal, melodic, symphonic, hardcore, metalcore, groove metal… the list goes on. But even after you mark an album under one of these genres, the diversity in musicians’ hands, their imaginations and usage of the instruments always trick you about it.

Sinnrs - Profound

By not being a huge fan of symphonic death/black metal and as an objective person, I took on the debut album by Denmark-based project Sinnrs with a certain dose of carefulness. A new act, bringing a fresh sound. This year they put out “Profound,” an album which includes 10 songs in total. 

When you look at the album as a whole, all songs are created on the same path, without so much deviating from the established form here. Sinnrs owns the sound on “Profound.” Certainly, there are influences or call them references to other bands of similar orientation, such Behemoth, Dimmu early Borgir, Satyricon and Fleshgod Apocalypse. 

“Profound” has something that makes it away from other similar albums. It has its theatrical side. The songs have their own personalities — you can imagine, you can feel, you can “watch” with your ears. “Profound” sounds organic and less sterile than what usually this type of music sounds today. Well done!

The album is available from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Follow Sinnrs on Facebook.