Review: Sickle of Dust’s “Between the Worlds”

Between the Worlds is a debut full-length effort by Russian one-man atmospheric black metal band Sickle of Dust.

Something really positive has to be the fact that every single instrument partaking in Between the Worlds plays an equal atmosphere-evoking role because the outcome wouldn’t be the same if something was missing, everything blends beautifully together in the final mix and thus what you get is a sound vision of an ominous world.

Between the WorldsThe vocal lines vary a lot in this album, we have ecstatic screams that never fail to escalate the emotional charge of the songs, sounding intense and powerful or more desolate at times. The guitar work is either lurking a little bit behind the keyboards or comes to the forth in a loud way, evoking an obscure sense of melody in the overall epic atmosphere; well-conceived and well-expressed ideas overrun the whole album and summon bitterness in the air along with the keyboard melodies/symphonic passages. The keyboard work is just fabulous, it has an intense epic tone, creating powerful surrounding medieval atmospheres, presenting a more melancholic and wailing face at times, offering variety in terms of emotional aesthetic. As for the drumming, it’s bombastic, really powerful and ground-shaking, lending a marching sense to the overwhelming epic feeling that is always vivid, pacing in an unerring way with the compositions and completing this first chapter by Sickle of Dust.