Review: RING OF GYGES Creates a Masterful Mix of Old and New Prog on “Beyond the Night Sky”

Hailing from Reykyavik, Iceland, Ring of Gyges is a quintet who back in November put out highly ambitious debut full-length Beyond a Night Sky, a nine-track release that bridges old and new sound of Progressive Rock.

Beyond a Night Sky gets off to an intense melody-filled start with “Ascend” before toning back and really setting it’s feet. Over a thick instrumental, vocals are nice and light, creating a pleasing juxtaposition. “Andvaka” kicks off with a piano arpeggio passage before the band kicks in; it includes some wild bridges and a nice chorus to tie it all together.

Beyond the Night Sky

Solid riffs, relaxed vibes, and sweet vocals and lyrics all appear on the album’s “main” track “Dusk”, a song that helps the album both descend into the even softer moments, before launching it up, out of this workd. With a clean guitar intro and beautiful singing, the song takes good three minutes until taking a turn towards more edgy, intense vibe. “Death’s Door” almost lulls you in with soft piano and soothing voice of Helgi Jonsson, but it all falls down with the upcoming instrumental piece “(Instru)Mentality,” which sees the band delivering a flawless piece showcasing how good they are at their instruments.

Ring of Gyges produce several moments on Beyond the Night Sky where the band feels more energetic and impassioned. Beyond the Night Sky feels as a rollercoaster of personal stories, emotions and bittersweet aggression.

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