Review: REMARK’s “Keep Running”

On their sophomore EP, the emerging rock group from Moscow, Remark revive the ancient art of grunge. The band exudes a sloppy, punk energy that is dying in the music industry. Though their energy is erratic, their musical execution is electrifying. Remark blends the messiness of grunge and punk and mixes the swagger and attitude of modern indie and alternative. Energetic, thrashing, and very alive, every part of group’s music is unique.

Keep Running starts with a fuzzy guitar tone and a buzzing bass line that opens the song “Comeback.” The drumming in the song is cymbal-heavy, what helps to the overall groove.

Keep Running

“Purple Haze” is a wonderfully crafted song, and woven together with a thread of angst. From the vocals, to the distorted rhythm guitar, to the crashing drums, I can’t help but wanting to jump and punch when I listen. The song drops into a heavy breakdown and turns into the vocalist screaming over the whining guitar and drums. It is truly a grunge-worthy track.

And then come two cover songs; “Shout” originally performed by Tears for Fears is a good moment to bring things down on the ground before it breaks into a classic rocker. “Too Close,” originally by British singer-songwriter Alex Clare closes Keep Running displaying that Remark are well-trained to answer the challenge of arranging other musicians’ songs in their own way. 

I have high hopes for Remark, as they are genuinely different than many artists. They could be the beginning of a grunge and rock revival. They have the potential to be very successful in the future.

Keep Running is available from Bandcamp.