Review: PERCEPTION – Collapse

With their debut EP Collapse, technical groove metallers from Oxford, Perception are ready to take on the world with some of the filthiest music of 2016. Can Collapse take so much on its shoulders?

Opening with crushing “Delusions,” it is clear to see that Collapse will take on a darker tone and demonstrate the depths of sheer brutality as it throws itself into absolutely filthy guttural vocals from Ben Clark and battering riffs and heavy hits.

Perception - Collapse

Title-track, “Heartburn” and “Ideologies” demolish their surroundings with ferocity. The band divulge into the subject of depression heavily, the lyrical content is all there in order to get the fans to be able to relate but the sheer aggression that leaks out of these songs, really creates a balance of understanding how to control it and not let it consume you.

Musically, Collapse is on form through and through, it’s strong and it’s heavy. Perception created a piece of art that is what they’re all about. The EP is stunning from start to finish, and everything that the band wanted to achieve, they have done and more.

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