Review of KALIKA’s Sophomore EP “Data Religion”

Brilliant is not enough to describe the second outing from the international experimental rock quartet Kalika. From the first ripping atmospherics on their new EP “Data Religion”  to the eerie closing moments, the energies of the EP will grasp you and not let go. As with their first release, last year’s “Enter Kalki,” Kalika has again chosen to take the concept route. 

Dark and heavy, every note, chord and vocal intonation are well planned and executed, with unforgettable results. Although vocalist Prannay Sastry’s (also on guitar) unique sound alternates between rasp and crystal clear, his delivery on every track is passionate beyond doubt. Luciano Monsegue provides outstanding guitar work. Rhythm section of Jonathan Raths (drums) and Rushing Pujara (bass) provide an often complex backdrop, which fits perfectly. Rarely does a release come around that is as powerful as this. 

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