Review: MOSH – Unbreakable Wall

Unbreakable Wall is a debut full-length offering from Israeli musician Mosh, a multi-layered release that screams personal, but could also be described as a global experience, something that anyone anywhere in the world could related to.

Mosh - Unbreakable WallWe hear in the opening “Keep on Moving” the sheer scope of Mosh’s range, married to one of the album’s better melodies, and a subdued, sympathetic performance from the accompanying band. With “Fish Us” and “Wasted Times,” two of the album’s highlights, we get bittersweet ruminations of love lost drenched in sweet romantic melancholy, suggesting an old soul hiding within well-worn jeans and a leather jacket. And then there is the spectacular guitar-and-voice treatment on “All I’ve Got,” somewhat dramatic “Stayin’ In,” theatrical “You and me,” and lush closing piece “A Long Way from You.” There are many stylistically different performances on Unbreakable Wall. Sinuous and smooth, sharp and serrated, Unbreakable Wall is possibly the most sensuous album to have emerged in 2017.

Unbreakable Wall is also one of the most engaging, inspired records to come out this year, and its 10 original songs serve as the best possible portrait of Mosh as a songwriter and artist.

Get the album from Bandcamp here.