Review: Monolith – Daddy Plague

Monolith is a melodic death metal project by guitarist Mario Welke haling from Berlin, Germany, and on November 29th he is putting out a debut album titled “Daddy Plague.” 

The album contains strong blasting riffs, which are otherwise inherently catchy and actually suit vocals incredibly well. They are bludgeoning when paired with vicious screams and brutal gutturals, courtesy of Welke. He simply has such an intense level of passion and energy, pouring his heart and soul into the music. The best example of this can be heard throughout the album, but as highlights I would mentioned the title track, “The Titan and the Rat,” “The Big Bad Wolf,” and “The Queen is a Monster.”

Monolith - Daddy Plague Artwork

The masterful use of the heavy verse/melodic chorus style of songwriting makes this album incredibly varied. “Daddy Plague” is all about balance of heaviness and melody. The instrumentation on the album is brought to perfection, and although Welke’s technical skills are easy to notice, he works in favor of displaying a balance between masterful craftsmanship and performance. 

For more info about Monolith check out the project’s website.