Review: METAQUORUM Explore Different Genres on Jonathan Livingston & Migration

MetaQuorum is a band located in UK consisting of Dmitry Ermakov (composer, keyboardist, arranger and producer) and Koos van der Velde (drummer and engineer). The band released their debut full-length titled Midnight Sun in 2015 which presented duo exploring various different genres ranging from electronic music to progressive rock to jazz fusion, funk and reggae, and more. Both members come from largely unique backgrounds, and since 2014 they have enjoyed a shared experience of artistic community.

The duo recently released two new singles: “Jonathan Livingston” and “Migration,” and their plan to release a few more until the end of the year.

Jonathan Livingston


The first thing that strikes me as an interesting fact is the lack of guitars what, in my opinion, makes the music of MetaQuorum more interesting. Instruments include keyboards, bass and drums largely. Occasionally there is space for some effects here and there, and vocals. Although with the lack of guitars, the instrumentation on two new tracks is dynamically poised and pleasantly showcases real talent on behalf of this innovative as well as thoughtful band.

“Migration” in particular with its 11-odd minutes is a masterfully crafted example of how skilled Dmitry and Koos are. The song also features guest vocals by Carol Ermakova, who joins Dmitry in delivering the message: “Migration… Mind games unfold on the screen / of the perceptual realm  / filled with the ants’ scream.

The music is tastefully airy, intoxicating, ad slightly edgy. The song’s magnificent structure inspires a good mood within a listener. I am anticipating the release of other singles in hopes that they are also invigorating and entertaining.

Visit MetaQuorum’s official website here, and follow the band on Facebook.