Review: M-opus – Origins

Although M-opus has been around for a few years now, the Dubliners are gradually coming to accept their position in the vanguard of interesting Irish rock. In some ways Origins is, by far, the most explicitly progressive statement they’ve made since their inception.

What is significant here is that this self-imposed structure seems to have given the band a greater freedom in their craft. As if released from the weight of a requirement to create rational, self-contained ‘songs’, the pieces that make up Origins feel much more freely creative than the group’s previous effort—2015 release entitled 1975 Triptych. Ideas flow between and through the tracks with wild abandon, and simple moments create a drama far beyond the sum of their parts.

M-opus - Origins

First impressions of Origins are of an album that would appeal both to newcomers and to those that are already familiar with the band’s work. M-opus is at the top of their game here; with such a rich heritage, trance rock, brittle pop-prog and more, this band is a real tour-de-force and something to look for in the future. 

Repeated listens of Origins have just made it easier to fully understand the story and delve deep into this large chunk of material. The album is a culmination of the musical ideas present in the previous album but with unleashed avalanche of creativity. It is a pinnacle achievement, an album to be savoured, and one which begs the question – where next?