Review: LUNAR – Theogony

Theogony, the debut studio album from Sacramento’s Lunar, is a roller coaster of aural delight, distress, and progressive imagery that is bound to be a career defining moment.

The nuanced atmospheres and melodic sensibilities that the band brings to each of the nine songs on Theogony are nothing short of brilliant. As the lines blur between romantic-classical period music, progressive metal, and almost 70’s style prog rock it becomes apparent that Theogony is one of the most progressively challenging albums to be released in 2017, so far.

Songs like the opening “Thalia,” which has a dark, eerie intro and powerful guitar riffs that evolve into orchestral stabs of vocalist Chandler Mogel, demonstrate the ease at which Lunar slips in and out of catchy hooks and technically sound orchestral song writing.

The discourse between the dueling guitars places the listener into perfect attunement with the melodies and growl vocals courtesy of Mogel. Theogony sounds like chaos tamed and controlled. This works to the band’s advantage on album highlights “Clio” and especially “Euterpe,” where they’re structurally coherent enough to be catchy yet throw enough curve balls to keep you invested for the full 11+ minutes. “Urania” and “Melpomene” that close the record are impressive on all fronts, but the instrumentation on these two pieces is splendid.

It is not only technically challenging and perfectly executed as a piece of musical literature, but it is also an album that demands the listener’s attention and ability to think on a multitude of spectrums they may not be used to. Overall, Theogony is an album that takes the listener on a cerebral journey through many mysterious and technically awe-inspiring landscapes that not so many groups are able to achieve.

Theogony is available from Bandcamp.