Review: Kyros – Vox Humana

It’s been two years since, at the time called, Synaesthesia, an Alternative / Progressive Rock outfit from the heart of England released their self-titled full-length debut via GEP Records. The time passed by, the band changed name to Kyros, under which they released an EP titled Beta, and finally this year they return with a monster work — a double album titled Vox Humana. Most people could describe this band’s work as Pink Floyd-meets-Britpop wrapped into a progressive rock format.

If the band’s debut was a great record, which it was and still is, Vox Humana is yet another high-quality release from the group which remains at the top of their game. There are moments of pristine beauty here, as well as singalong pop songs and punishingly heavy passages. Thematically, Vox Humana is a concept album answering the question “what it is to be human.”


Although Vox Humana isn’t precisely one long track, something that most fans expect when it comes to concept albums, it does feel like a cohesive work. This is mostly a good thing. Maybe after absorbing the album’s core for a little while the songs will start to come into their own. The album as a whole, though, is very strong.

For all his prog-rock and heavy leanings, Kyros know that it all really comes down to the songwriting. And they are very, very good songwriters, what keeps the band afloat even when they aren’t really pushing the envelope.

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