Review: Juodvarnis – Mirusio Žmogaus Kelionė

Listening to music in a different language, or even reading some titles that I do not really understand is always a really cool experience. I love listening to music in other languages, ranging from the suggestive atmospheres of Icelandic ensemble Sigur Ros to the grit of Swedish hardcore band Sista Sekunden.

Juodvarnis, hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania, definitely makes me feel the same way, with their blend of black metal, doom and progressive.


The opening number blends dark, embracing guitars with some lush walls of synths and some truly unique atmospheres.  The second song kicks things up a notch with some truly special approach to guitar riffs and background vocal harmonies. When the track finally explode, things truly start breaking bad.

The 3rd song on the playlist, (The Searching), reminds me of my days listening to Black Sabbath’s debut album over and over again, and brings the tension to the max with some slow, pounding drums and really epic breakout.

These were some of the EP’s highlight for me, but there is so much to discover: