Review: INFINITY SHRED’s “Long Distance”

Mogwai meets Aphex Twin? A homogenous mixture of post-rock and electronic music. Infinity Shred’s sound jumped out to me immediately; there aren’t too many post-rock bands that trancend the generalities of the genre.

With Long Distance, a NYC-based act firmly establishes themselves as an important factor in the post-rock movement. As opposed to a large majority of the expermiental/post-rock bands, Infinity Shred opts for a mix of long(er) and short(er) songs and polarising tempos. The songs generally start off with a steady rhythm, mildly effected guitars, and often keys, and you will be launched into a paroxysm of manic electronic drum beats and crushing guitars. This tactic is both fresh and powerful.


This trio can pound five times as many climaxes as Godspeed You! Black Emperor in a given time space, and almost give you equal satisfaction. Certainly, this material lacks the epic crown that the aforementioned has encompassed, but if you’re in a time crunch, or you just want to get pumped, you can rely on Infinity Shred to give you a good fix of high-energy post-rock that will make you convulse with the rhythm. I would hesitate to use it for dancing though – the result would be more like a seizure.

All in all, this album points to a bright future; I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next. Long Distance is recommended to fans of experimental, post-rock and electronica alike. There is much to enjoy here.

Long Distance is available directly from the band here.