Review: HEYOKA’S MIRROR’s “Loss of Contact with Reality”

On Loss of Contact with Reality, Calgary progressive metal power trio Heyoka’s Mirror unleashes a flurry of genre-blending forms and influences to craft an enjoyable, entertaining listen. The EP feels very accessible even as it is also of the progressive and experimental nature.

Reviewing an EP can be a little tough, what with fewer songs to talk about. In this case however, I don’t really think of this release as a series of three songs. It’s much more like three tracks that encompass several moods and styles. You could say that each track has multiple songs, but to me they sound as if the band said: “Ok, let’s lay down three tracks. We’ll throw a lot of different elements in, and just play however we feel“. For a lot of bands, this free-form approach can become a complete disaster. Luckily enough, it didn’t turn out to be a bad move for Heyoka’s Mirror.

Heyoka's Mirror - Loss of Contact with Reality

The EP begins with a wacky sequence before it cuts into a very aggressive section and fluctuates between this and moments of soaring vocal melodies. Everything here is brilliantly performed — heavy riffs, crazy drum arrangements, both pretty and guttural vocals, and a healthy service of random synth moments. Loss of Contact with Reality is best taken in as a whole, so choosing a favorite track or moment is kind of difficult. However, if pressed I would have to say that the closing “Chronovisor” is my favorite track. Beginning with a simple piano line, and a plethora of brilliant guitar work, the song catapults into a furious volcano of palm-muted crunch and relentless drumming. Awesome.

While I marvel at their experimental abilities, I hope the upcoming full-length album has at least a couple more straightforward tracks to go with the epic-ness of stuff like this.

Grab the album from Bandcamp here.