Review: GAIA’s “Aerial”

It’s not every day that one hears a modern day metal band produce an album that truly challenges the stereotypical sound that may be expected from contemporary metal acts. Enter GAIA — Delhi, India-based metalcore project by multi-instrumentalist Abhiruk Patowary releasing a debut album “Aerial” on the 20th of September. I’ve spent the last four days immersed in the experience that is “Aerial” and I can’t seem to stop listening to this incredibly versatile release.

GAIA’s sound is a uniquely balanced mixture of Progressive Metal, Ambient, Metalcore, Djent, yet the seamless integration with which the involved musicians have brought these together is a testament to their musicianship and skill. And speaking of which, the line-up on this release includes Intervals drummer Nathan Bulla on a number of songs, as well as I Built The Sky guitarist Ro Han, and vocalists Sahil Khurana, Jayant Bhadula, Aronjoy Das, and Sidharth Nair.

GAIA - Aerial

This album is not for the faint hearted. Tracks like the opening title song, “Jehovah” and “Cipher,” kick off with no bullshit thrash, blisteringly hard hitting drumming coupled with flawlessly executed guitar riffs and bass lines to match not to mention the quintessential growl and clean vocals that have mosh pits swirling in unison.

The album holds additional treasures such as “New Reality,” “Elements” and “Nebulous,” all having a relatively greater degree of Progressive Metal evident in their composition.

I can go on for hours about this release but the bottom line is that GAIA have absolutely nailed on “Aerial” with their song writing, virtuosity and execution. Do yourself a favour and get the album.

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