Review: False Gharial – Tragic Demise

False Gharial is a relatively a new name coming from Singapore who are about to release their sophomore EP entitled “Tragic Demise”. 

“Tragic Demise” requires careful listening in order to be fully appreciated. It is definitely not the kind of stuff you can put on as a soundtrack for other activities – complex music, full of twists and turns, yet not unnecessarily complicated, or weird for weirdness’ sake. In fact, the music has a beautiful, natural flow, a clarity and melodic quality. Even though guitars make up a prominent part of the sound, they never get to the point of overwhelming the other instruments. As in most experimental music, however, the foundation of  False Gharial’s sound lies in the rhythm section, especially in the jaw-dropping drumming patterns.

Head-spinningly complex without being cold and sterile as other efforts in a similar vein, “Tragic Demise” can easily be listed as one of the top groundbreaking releases of 2021. In fact, the sterling musicianship, coupled with an admirable sense of restraint, focuses on creating cohesive, highly listenable tracks rather than pointless displays of technical skill. However,  it is also a recording that will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea. Strongly recommended to practicing musicians and fans of intricate, challenging music, it may come across as daunting to those fans who prefer a higher measure of melody and accessibility, as well as a more conservative approach to progressive metal.

Get the EP from Bandcamp.