Review: DREAMSENSE – Ocean (Single)

It is a ferociously voracious cauldron of intent, a ravenous tempest of corrosive intensity and imagination, and one of the most riveting and exciting songs to be uncaged this year.

The release is a new single by Russian symphonic metallers Dreamsense titled “Ocean,” a Moscow quintet creating a bit of a forceful stir and it is easy to hear why with this encounter. Theirs is a furnace of sound and flavours woven into a metal seeded canvas infused with further ripe essences of symphonic and progressive metal with rich gothic overtones. It is a searing maelstrom laying siege to the senses which just as quickly impresses as the songwriting and craft behind it. From rabidly varied vocals to debilitating passages, right through to symphonic beauty, the “Ocean” is a vicious yet poetic kaleidoscope of contrasts and textures cast into fascinating and thrilling soundscapes fuelled by intimate malevolence. It is a startling encounter as proven by a song which just gets bigger and stronger as subsequent listens lure ears deeper into unpredictable and gripping layers of invention.

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