Review: DREAM OF FIRE’s “Waking Tyrants”

Dream Of Fire is a band that hails from San Jose, Costa Rica. The sound of their recently release album, “Waking Tyrants” is hard, heavy, uncompromising and diverse, with 14 songs portraying a unique set of sonic aesthetics that blurs the lines between alternative music and classic metal sounds.

The songs on the album are a perfect combination of classic Metal energy, beautiful melodic layers and instinctive 90s influences that add a more earthy approach to the mix. It always seems to me that there is a divide between punk and metal, as many bunkers deem metal to be too “brainy”, while many metal-heads don’t really enjoy the simple approach of punk rock. On the other hand, I feel that amazing things can happen when the two genres and the two different philosophies collide, and this is definitely the case of Dream Of Fire’s music.


The songs featured in “Waking Tyrants” are indeed edgy and gritty, yet sophisticated and masterfully arranged, bridging the gaps between the spontaneity of punk, the melodies of alternative music and the quality arrangements commonly associated with heavy metal. That fact that this album was completely self-recorded adds yet another amazing feeling of urgency and realness to this very accomplished record – a definite step forward for the band.

Grab a copy of “Waking Tyrants” from Bandcamp.