Review: Cartographs – Armour

Danish melodic hardcore ensemble Cartographs set out to pack lots of energy in their recent single, “Armour”. The song blurs the lines between the old school and the new, with some truly cinematic melodies and some deep, explosive guitar walls. The introductory guitar riff is clean and drenched in reverb, reminding me of post rock. The contrast between the vocals and the music reminds me of bands such as The Chariot or Underoath, while, the song later explodes with dense, heavy and powerful grooves.

One of the most striking aspects of this single is definitely the complex arrangement and the way it merges with some emotionally introspective lyrics, blurring the lines between genres as diverse as melodic hardcore, post-rock and metalcore. I am really impressed with the overall production quality and by the earnest performance of these talented Danish lads.

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