Review: BURNT CITY’s “Resurgence”

Australian guitarist/composer Aydin Zahedi is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist who has recently put out a debut EP with his progressive metal project Burnt City.

The name of the EP, Resurgence, suggests dark and threatening atmospheres with ominous overtones which counterbalance the album’s grandeur and broad vision. This album is definitley monumental but even saying that would be a great understatement. Progressive metal fans should be left with their jaws on the floor simply by reading the incredible list of musicians appearing on this record including Mike Lepond (Symphony X), George Kollias (Nile), Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Serious Black), and Gus Monsanto (Ex-Adagio).

Incredible musicianship and fresh sonic ideas permeate every single song on the EP, making for an enjoyable and diverse playlist. I find that every musician sort of speaks a unique language here even though genres might be similar, influences might be shared and experiences might be common. Every single instrumentalist or singer has a unique footprint. It’s incredibly interesting to listen to an album where there are so many of these personal footprints clashing together and truly colliding into something unique and beautiful. This particular release is definitely among the most interesting progressive metal albums released as of late, and it’s growing on me from “extremely good” to “awesome” every time I listen through it.

Zahedi & the Co. have managed to wrap up an interesting and well-executed concept with the usual attention to details that sum up together seamlessly in order to build a greater picture that encompasses everything in a very unitary and cohesive way. Resurgence is a fierce and unapologetic showcase of talent that shines through in every possible aspect of the production, from performance value, to song-writing and sheer recording aesthetics. This is the kind of record that you really want to listen to from start to finish as a single unity because it really flows like a single, unitary concept.

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