Review: BLINDBOSS Shows How It’s Done on “Our Tribe”

For many new bands, the desire to sound like another more successful band is strong enough to keep them from walking their own path and creating something truly unique. However for California-based one-man rocking project Blindboss, walking their own path is the only obvious road they know. Releasing their inspired, punk rock and anthem filled second full-length titled Our Tribe on February 23, Blindboss is wasting no time with a powerful delivery.

But first, a little bit of history. Blindboss is a brainchild of Max Histrionic who writes music and performs almost everything alone. Before Blindboss, the project was called Chameleon Technology, under which name Max released two EP’s and a full-length album. Blindboss is a continuation of the previous project, but with a refined sound and image that’s more fitting and appealing.

Blindboss - Our Tribe

Since every song on Our Tribe is worth listening to, I will highlight a few of the very notables that you must listen to as soon as you can; starting with the opening “Roman Coke.” This song has an intro for the books. The vocals and lyrics are emotionally charged with both honesty and vulnerability, and for many, this is going to become their instant favorite track from the album.

Another powerful track is the straightforward title track. This song is pushes forward the hardcore take on the punk genre; there are some heavier vocals woven within that help add an edge to an otherwise rocking number. Max plays from the heart, from the vocals to the guitars to the drums, every instrument is played loud and aggressively, and the vocals are made more haunting because of this. A great track through and through.

“R.A.L.U.” is a bit classic rock, a bit punk; it doesn’t take long to sink its awesome teeth in to the listener. The breaks in the tempo and layering of the tracks are exciting, and by the end of the song you simply hit repeat and turn it up.

Every song on Our Tribe is well thought out, well played, and well mixed. Every song stands alone on its own, and the vocals are never the same as before. The diversity and inspiration placed within this album should show many new artists how it is supposed to be done if you want to turn some heads. I wouldn’t waste any time picking up this album if you want something new and worthwhile to listen to.

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