Review: ALTHEA’s “Memories Have No Name”

Hailing from Italy, Althea is a progressive metal band with a truly unique approach. Italy is well-known for his diverse music scene, with many talented bands that stand out on an international level and bring their sound outside of their country’s border. Althea will be releasing their full-length debut Memories Have No Name in January 2017, welcoming the new year with a big bang.

Memories Have No Name

The Milan ensemble is all about creative arrangements and stunning sonic mastery. The songs are chockfull of powerful guitar riffs and monolithic rhythm sections with a lot of darkness. I am particularly fascinated by the way this band set out to sound dark and aggressive, yet very melodic and technically excellent.

Memories Have No Name stands out as a very ambitious album that indicates the personality and attitude of a band that is truly willing to work hard to leave a mark on the local music scene and beyond, leaving a trail of stunning tracks under their belt.

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