Review: Agon – Hollowed Lake

Right from the start, Agon successfully manages to avoid being pegged under just one genre. On the one-man band’s debut album, “Hollowed Lake”, Agon displays the essences of black metal, doom metal, and even post-rock. The style here draws from numerous influences and the most prominent one would be the atmospheric sound of black metal. While it may not be true black metal, the production and Agon’s vocals are undeniably reminiscent of the genre. Ranging from Agon’s eerie shrieks as well as the emotional guitar tones, “Hollowed Lake” serves as a beast of its own and it represents the peak of fall season and the beginning of winter truly well with its overall depressing mood.

Hollowed Lake

“Hollowed Lake” exists as a debut that truly soars. The album really captures the mood of sorrow and melancholy quite well due to the sheer thoughts of fall and the beginning of winter in mind. The project’s poetic vision, guitar work, and vocals is where the enjoyment of “Hollowed Lake” truly lays.

Grab the album from Bandcamp here.