Review: Abanoch – Buried and Left Behind

Death metal is an unwavering staple in the heavy metal world. It’s punishing and unforgiving. Qatar’s Abanoch, with their recently released EP “Buried and Left Behind,” are here to carry the death metal flag well into the future for the genre. Their brand of metal is raw, fast and razor sharp. I hear influences ranging from Bolt Thrower to Death.

Buried and Left Behind

“The Rise of Abanoch” opens up the EP in grand fashion. Vocals are guttural and straight from the depths of hell. The song is mid-tempo at first, then breaks into a galloping death feast. “Five Spells” has a Bay Area thrash feel to it, like early Exodus. The mid-section slows a bit and delivers the massive riff of the song. “End of Times” picks the pace right back up to a frenzied gallop. It’s death metal proper and reminds me of Obituary. The title track keeps the same frenzied pace, and drummer really exhibits his chops here. He’s a crushing drummer, no matter the tempo! “Treacherous Ways” injects a bit more depth with some melodic guitars in the beginning, and then the beatings begin.

Abanoch have a killer death metal release with this one. It rings of the old school of the genre. It’s up to them now to hit the studio again and deliver on a full-length.

Buried and Left Behind is out now; order it from Bandcamp. Like Abanoch on Facebook.