Join PROJECT SAPIENS on Alternative/Prog Metal Journey with “Here We Are”

Copenhagen duo Project Sapiens are a new addition to the scene. Their debut EP “Here We Are” proves one thing — this act definitely represents one of the most innovative bands on the current prog metal ocean, and having said that I certainly hope that some big label will notice the band’s creative potential and sign them what will bring them opportunities for touring and breaking out of Denmark.

“Here We Are” is absolutely a crushing release, but in the same time it’s constructive and creative release full of energy and power. On this EP, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Poul Jakobsen and singer Mads Rahbaek own the sound by making it obedient, what’s shown through the unification of all diverse parts.

The opening title track gains the attention it seeks from stabs of post-progressive metal contrasted with alternative ambiance. It doesn’t take much for the band to show the full potential.

Project Sapiens - Here We Are album art

“Uprising,” although much shorter than its predecessor, is a step to the more aggressive territory, while “My Prison Cell” feels a bit gloomy courtesy of opening line. Guitar solo after the break is such a melodic outburst.

Project Sapiens do not blow their load early in an effort to maintain the listener’s interest, but rather choose to foreplay. The band teases the listener by pursuing unexpected sonic paths while never failing in their ability to deliver a killer hook when atmosphere and melody will no longer suffice.

The appetite of the band for dizzying rhythms is obvious in groovy “Anger.” Closing “Keepers of the Realm” extends the range by delving deeper to the metal spectre adding chugging riffs to already rich palette of colors, as well as paying more attention to melody. The spacious sound patterns are extended most of time, which once again push the “Here We Are” in unexplored directions.

This EP is a powerful offering from the Danes. The group has taken a distinctive combination of ingredients and squeezed out every bit of potential out of them. Whatever Project Sapiens do next, in any case, I’m there. Grab a copy of “Here We Are” here.