PROFESSOR TIP TOP Talk New album “Exobiology”

We had a little conversation with psychdelic/progressive rock band Professor Tiptop about them, their new album, concerts and more.

What’s Professor Tip Top up to these days?

Rehearsing live versions of recorded material, planning for next album.

I assume, no matter how heavy the summer hit Europe, it is still cold up there in Norway?

We had some great weeks in may, but yes, it`s not too hot.

After a little chitchat, let’s start! What is your first musical memory?

Nursery Rhymes.

Tell me how did you go about writing songs for your recently released album called Exobiology.

Some of the songs were made from ideas on guitars, some were chords and melody lines on keyboards, and then some were sequencer based riffs on synths.

prof tip3

How does the new album built on its predecessor called Aoum?

Some of the topics are the same in the lyrics, like searching for purpose in a Godless Universe, the allround sound and instrumentation are the same, but Aoum was a more retrospective (mid ’70s) feel, Exobiology was meant to lean more towards a feeling of science fiction, and has a more transparent sound.

For the purpose of releasing Exobiology you signed a deal with Apollon Records. Are you satisfied with your collaboration with them so far?

We are absolutely satisfied with their support. It is an excellent company, and we have a great collaboration wth them.

What do you guys do in your daily lives except being musicians?

Psychologist, music teacher, philosopher and publisher.

What’s the live experience with Professor Tip Top like? Do you play a lot in Norway?

It’s great playing live, we do gigs, but would want some more, it’s a small country in population.

prof tip2

The music of Professor Tip Top is influenced, as mentioned, by psychedelia. What’s your opinion on this movement that emerged in the ’60s and LSD?

LSD has got a bad reputation because it got into a destructive drug scene. As a catalyst for mind research and spiritual growth, it can not be ignored. In these days there is a slightly admission to take it back to scientific research. The heritage from the golden era in the ’60s speaks for itself in music, art, literature in relation to creativity. Our opinion is, yes it is mind expanding, but humanity is maybe not quit ready for it.

What would be your message for the potential new fans and your invitation to them to check out your music?

Listen to it loud or in peaceful contemplation, anyway we want you to enjoy the soundscapes.

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