Premiere: Watch Music Video for “S I C K N E S S” by BEYOND THE BARRICADE

Norwegian progressive metalcore quartet BEYOND THE BARRICADE have recently released a new single entitled ’S I C K N E S S,’ which features a guest appearance by singer Martin Wennberg (Handgemeng). Along with the audio, the band from Oslo are launching a music video for the song today, exclusively brought to you by Rocking Charts. Watch it below.

From the press release provided by band’s publicist, “S I C K N E S S” is about “looking around the world and seeing societies not caring about their poor and disenfranchised is infuriating. The actions during the recent pandemic has shown us that the rich and powerful don’t care about anybody but themselves, and that they’re willing to let people die if they can keep making more money. We’re hoping that channeling some of the anger that people feel will cause a change for the better.”

BEYOND THE BARRICADE embrace plethora of different influences, borrowing from post-hardcore, progressive metal and djent scenes and merging them into one cohesive style. The band’s music is organic and in constant motion; “S I C K N E S S” rips out of the gate with pummeling guitars and passionate screams.

With the lack of shows in 2020, Norwegians are taking their time to write a full-length album with a tentative release date in 2021. With the brand new single and music video, BEYOND THE BARRICADE are finding themselves under the radar of many.

Watch a video for “S I C K N E S S” below. Keep in touch with the band on Facebook.