Premiere: BODY STACKER Bring Extinction Disease with “Pathogen”

Denver, Colorado speed/thrash metal trio Body Stacker have recently launched a full-length album “Drinking Songs for the End of the World.” The band has partnered with us at Rocking Charts for an exclusive premiere of the longest track on the record — the almost seven and a half minute long epic “Pathogen.”

Lead guitarist and singer Mat McClellan commented: “‘Pathogen’ is about an extinction disease brought down upon humanity by the “blood emperor”, the antagonist of the albums story. It’s about 95% of the population getting this terrible disease and the ways mankind will embrace it’s own monstrosity and eat itself alive before it tries to make it better. They are all sacks of meat that are scared and distrustful and turn on eachother.”

He continued to say: “‘Pathogen’ as a song in the record acts as a scene setter. It establishes the backdrop that the rest of the record exists in. The album is a concept album about a character traversing the post apocalypse. ‘Pathogen’ paints the picture of that apocalypse.”
“Drinking Songs for the End of the World” is available now; get it from Bandcamp here. Follow Body Stacker on Facebook.