PREGNANT WHALE PAIN Are Not “Blank” at All

Welcome to “Blank,” an EP by a Hungarian experimentalists Pregnant Whale Pain. This is the sextet’s second release, after their 2014 self-titled debut album.

As soon as you hit the play button, you are launched into pure experimentation with styles evolving around metalcore, progressive metal, psychedelic rock, and even funk. Singer Krisz Horvath provides excellent work here, employing vocals that range from spoken-word to screams. The band’s intensity never fades, as the songs twist and turn its way through a variety of moods. The pace is generally pretty fast, but the band also slows down make it for a dynamically diverse release. PWP’s creative talent on show here is astounding. They combine musical ferocity with random noise to create some of the, arguably, most extreme music around at the moment.

This is not an EP for the masses, it certainly is a million miles from what is considered to be convention. Equal parts noise, chaos, and insanity, Pregnant Whale Pain truly have a sound of their own. The musicianship and creativity is very high, and this EP perhaps gives us a little hint of what is to come on their next album. I am sure that the band learnt a lot from making this EP, and they will use it to make something huge.