ORATOR Come Very Close to Ideal Tech Death Metal on “Kallipolis”

A veritable force unleashed from Seattle, Orator capture all of the filth and ferocity of technical, blackened-death metal we have all come to know and love over the years, yet add their own brand of amphetamine-fueled hatred and violence to remain fresh and relevant. I’m of the staunch mindset that death metal is indeed better now than it has ever been in the past, with strong scene emerging worldwide, and Orator certainly help reinforce this opinion.

Orator - Kallipolis

Right of the gate (a brief and calm intro for the title track “Kallipolis” before all hell breaks loose) these maniacs skullfuck us with pounding drums and blazing fast molten guitars that pummel us poor souls with an unrelenting fury that never lets up. Other highlights that showcase the whirlwind of violence with much aplomb include “Elder (Waltz to Decay),” “Mentor (An Assertation of Dominion),” and “Perceiver (The Jaws of Recompense)”. The vocals also provide and raspy, devastating side dish to the devastating atmosphere. It has to be mention that “Kallipolis” is inspired by Plato’s Republic.

I found myself really liking to album for its straightforward assault and no shills whatsoever. Orator is a band to keep under radar, as “Kallipolis” shows tremendous amount of potential that is yet to be used on the upcoming releases.

“Kallipolis” is available from Bandcamp. Follow Orator on Facebook.