OPETH Albums Ranked

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With the release of new album in August 2014, Opeth have confirmed that they have been on the progressive streak ever since the release of the debut Orchid in 1995. Pale Communion is the release that is slightly their most rounded (in terms of quality) record since the release of 2005’s Ghost Reveries.

Although it feels really awkward to tag an Opeth album as worst, Prog Sphere have made a choice and ranked the band’s albums in an order that we think showcases the band’s quality from the least to the most.

11. Orchid (1995)

As far as Orchid goes, it’s clear that Opeth was still trying to work out some kinks in their act, and while this debut is impressive and gives a good idea of what the band is about, the compositions (and eventually, the production) would be cleared up to make way for some of the best heavy music ever written. A great album for riffs and some really inspired sections, but not quite as good as some of the real gems Opeth has to offer in their repertoire. (Conor Fynes)

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