METAQUORUM Shines on “Midnight Sun”

Hailing from UK, MetaQuorum is another of those projects that create great music but they do not get enough recognition for that. The unique mix of progressive rock, jazz fusion, funk, electronic and spacey psychedelia is what this duo, led by Dmitry Ermakov, are known for since the release of their debut Midnight Sun in early 2015. The band continues the same way on their newer releases (they’ve recently put a number of singles). The subject of this review is a remastered adaptation of Midnight Sun which comparing to the original release sounds much fresher, so the project’s mission is successfully accomplished. The band obviously doesn’t give a damn about any stylistic limitations in their music, and although their tracks are rather lengthy it gives them enough time and space to make different experiments.

Since the beginning and the opening piece “District Line” this album promises a lot, and it turns out not to be just an empty promise. From the keyboard riff cannonade the energy of the tune grabs you and doesn’t let you until its last bit. “North Sea Fret” shows the ambient side of the project but also incorporates bits of the ’80s and a grandiose laid-back piano soloing by Ermakov. The album continues its journey with “Swallows’ Riff” which brings phenomenal synth parts developed around the striking bass line and drum patterns that ring throughout the song. This piece is definitely one of the early highlights of the record. Keyboard/piano work by Ermakov and bass/guitar work by guest Viktor Mikheyev make a huge difference here. Another highlight in the series of highlights this album delivers — “Circle and Square” includes all strong points. The song, and it could be said for the album in whole, changes the pace and the moods very smoothly.

“Clodhopping” comes with more jazzy approach structured around rock. It doesn’t take long to get into a full electric mode, but changes in the tempo are minimal. In the same mood, the band continues with the following “Canzona,” a piece that includes variations on a theme from the composition by Francesco Canova da Milano. The frequent rhythmic changes continue on “Unexpected Encounter” and “The Racer,” and finally “Silver Thread” closes “Midnight Sun” in a big style; it features everything that MetaQuorum represents.

In these ten songs MetaQuorum present all its skills, and there are so many of them. This project creates music in its most complex and most enjoyable form. With Midnight Sun they offer a tremendous work that takes you in their world, and once you are there you will not want to get out.

The album is available from Bandcamp.