LETTERS OF THE LOST Invite You for Nice Stroll on “Walk With Us”

Letters of the Lost’s new release, a debut album Walk With Us thrusts you into the realisation of passionate and well executed metalcore. The title track, “Walk With Us,” instantly bares the band for all to hear and reminds listeners of what melodic modern metal should sound like. This is only reinforced more with the third track “Devil’s Son” which has powerful vocals layered onto epic guitar work. The sundry vocals in this song puts frontman Danny Gongora in that rare category of distinct sound.

It is impossible to sit still and listen to “The March.” The fast tempo and strong beat provided by the bass and drums stimulates motivation and fills you with focus making it inevitable to get lost in the music. “Colossal” is a seriously haunting experience; it’s like the band held in all their rage and emotion and just let it burst into this song. This in no way takes away from the technical excellence that they built up with the previous tracks. In fact, this one is a strong pretender in terms of musicianship on the entire album.

Letters of the Lost - Walk With Us

Most EP’s and albums have a weak link, but that is not the case with Letters of the Lost’s Walk With Us. The album is finished off with “Kenopsia” which rounds it off very nicely. It gives the feel that Walk With Us has come full circle as the melodic side to the band returns. The breakdown in this song has a sacred sense to it which sets a tone for the rest of the track. The unique structure of this song works really well and makes it stand out far from the rest of the album.

This album makes a statement from Letters of the Lost in which they invite you to walk with them. After listening to it, I bet you have no any other option than joining the herd.

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