LAUTREAMONT Offer Extreme Metal Poetry with “Silence of the Deceased”

In the last few years there has been lots of new bands combining black metal with technical and dissonant death metal, and Russian act Lautreamont are about to launch one such release on May 7th.

With seven tracks sang in Russian, which happen to be translations of poems by poets such Arthur Rimbaud, Alexander Vvedenskiy, Maurice Rollinat, Georg Heym and Paul Celan, Silence of the Deceased in all its decadence is quite a pleasurable listen.

Silence of the Deceased

Pounding blast beats, heavy down-tuned guitar riffs, and and out of the world vocals create an absolutely uneasiness throughout the album’s playtime. The distinguishing atmospherics are of special significance for the rest of the instruments; they add depth to the already multi-layered release.

On Silence of the Deceased everything happens with a reason, and delving deeper into the album’s structure will show how complex is the nature of the threads and bits that the record is made of.

Lautreamont doesn’t accept superficiality; their art is based upon a tremendous heritage, but it goes further than that.

Do yourself a favor and pre-order Silence of the Deceased. The album is out on May 7. Follow Lautreamont on Instagram.